the black rhino necklace

this is a great necklace to use as a base for layering multiple shella necklaces, or you can add a shell!
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this item is inspired by the black rhino, shy but oh so grand.

this necklace is made of glass beads, imitation pearls and a gold-colored closure. please note that discoloration of the closure is possible, but it will not give off on the skin.

care instructions; to keep your shella necklace in perfect shape and color, do not fold and take off when bathing or swimming.

in doubt which size you need? either get your favorite sized necklace (in terms of length) or get a string and adjust the size. lay it out on a table or flat surface so that it will be easy to measure and measure the length with a ruler or tape measure. if you use a necklace, do not forget the clasp in your measurement.