about shella

The story how it all started is actually quite funny. After some years of working in my all time favorite jewelry store, it was time to start my own journey. So I started freelancing as a video editor and soon I found a job in… Nairobi, Kenya. Wow. I had never been to Africa, so going there for 6 months was quite exciting. I usually look like a Christmas tree, wearing at least 3 necklaces, 10 bracelets and 5 rings at the same time. Believing in all the shallow “Africa-prejudices”, I decided not to bring all these items. But at the same time I didn’t want to wear less. So I started collecting beads and made some colorful necklaces. And then my friends wanted one too, and my friends’ friends wanted one too. Even that same all time favorite jewelry store ordered!

Being in Africa on one hand put the project on hold, on the other hand it skyrocketed my inspiration. While traveling around, I couldn’t help but connecting every beautiful thing I saw to a design in my head. I didn’t bring my tools, so I made notes and scribbles of colour combinations so after a couple of months I had loads to kick off with. The colors of the Samburu people, the coral walls on Lamu Island, the million stripes of the zebras (or as we started to call them: zebrae), the tiny but perfect shells i found on the beach in front of Shella town (hence the name), the laid back style in Muizenberg and Llandudno, South Africa… I just can’t get enough. So this is only the beginning, join me on a trip through this beautiful continent and stay tuned for lots of beads, colors, shells, prints, photos, stories, letters and paraphernalia. 

Thank you for shopping shella!

Love, Lotte